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This is a complete list of all the shows. If you see anything you want to hear, why not make a request?

Show TitleDescription
Abbott & Costello Comedy show with Bud Abbott & Lou Costello. Show also on TV.
Abe Burrows 15 minute comedy show.
Academy Award Movie dramatizations (similar to the Lux Radio Theater).
Adventure is Your Heritage 15 minute Navy PSA with popular actors and actresses; John Lund, Broderick Crawford & Claire Trever
Al Jolson Tribute Songs by Al Jolson, with Oscar Levant on the piano.
Aldrich Family Family comedy, with Henry Aldrich, played by Ezra Stone, and friend Homer Brown, played by Jacky Kelk.
Alien Worlds Space stories (1978).
Alka Seltzer show 15 minute show with songs by Martha Tilton & Curt Massey.
All Star Western Theatre Country music (The Riders of the Purple Sage) along with a skit and guest performers.
Nero Wolfe, The Amazing Detective show starring Francis X Bushman the celebrated criminologist & Elliot Lewis as Archie.
Amos & Andy Popular family comedy show starring Freeman Gosden & Charles Correll.
Andrews Sisters Songs by Maxine, Patty and Laverne Andrews.
Archie Andrews Family comedy, with Archie, played by Bob Hastings and Jughead played by Harlon Stone.
Arthur Godfrey Time Weekday morning variety show.
Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts Arthur auditions upcoming entertainers.
Aunt Jenny 15 minute show where Aunt Jenny tells real life stories.
Baby Snooks Family comedy show starring Fanny Brice.
Barry Craig Confidential Investig. Detective show starring William Gargan.
BBC Jury Trials Stories of famous English trials.
Bergen & McCarthy Comedy, with Edgar Bergan and wooden dummies Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd.
Beulah 15 minute stories revolve around the maid, Beulah, at the Hendersons home.
Bickersons Comedy starring Don Amechie and Frances Langford. Stories usually take place in bed.
Big Bands Two shows: One is Artie Shaw, the other is Count Basie.
Big John & Sparkie Weekday and Saturday children's show. "No School Today". With Big Jon and Sparkie.
Big Story Dramatizes actual reporters' stories. The show is sponsored by Pall Mall cigarettes.
Big Town Stories by reporter Steve Wilson of the Illustrated Press.
Bing Crosby Show Songs by Bing and guests.
Black Museum Stories from Scotland Yard's Black Museum (with Orson Wells).
Blondie Stories based on the comic strip with Blondie and Dagwood.
Bob & Ray Comedians Bob and Ray as heard on Boston radio station WHDH, and skits from WOR New York.
Bob & Victoria 15 minute soap.
Bob Hope Show Bob Hope and guests.
Bobby Benson Cowboy show starring young Bobby Benson owner of the H-Bar-O ranch.
Bold Venture Adventure stories (H. Bogart & L. Bacall). Story takes place in Havana, Cuba. Bold Venture is the name of their boat.
Boston Blackie Detective stories which take place in Boston.
Bradbury 13 Ray Bradbury stories, 1984 (in stereo).
Breakfast Club Morning variety show starring Don McNeill along with Aunt Fanny and others.
Broadway Is My Beat Police stories which take place in New York City and stars Larry Thor as Lieutenant Danny Clover.
Buck Rogers 15 minute futuristic space serial broadcast in the '30's. Stories are based on the comic strip.
Bulldog Drummond British inspector `Out of the fog & into his American adventure comes Bulldog Drummond' (Ned Weaver).
Burns & Allen Comedy with George Burns & Gracie Allen.
Call The Police Police show starring George Petrie as Bill the police captain.
Calling All Cars Police show which takes place in Los Angeles.
Can You Top This? Quiz panel show where panelist compete with jokes sent in by listeners.
Candy Matson Lady detective, played by Natalie Masters, works in San Francisco with police boy friend Ray Mallard..
Captain Midnight 15 minute WWII kids serial with Captain Midnight and the Secret Squadron.
Casey, Crime Photographer Detective reporter who works for the `Morning Express'. Casey uses camera to solve crime cases.
Cavalcade of America Dramatizes incidents in American History.
CBS Radio Workshop Interesting and unusual stories with good cast.
Chandu the Magician American Secret agent who uses ancient arts of the occult.
Charlie Chan Oriental detective who receives help from number one son.
Chase & Sanborn 101st. Anniv. With Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy, Fred Allen, Portland, Jack Benny, Milton Berle, Bing Crosby, etc.
Cinnamon Bear 1937 XMAS serial for kids (hunt for a lost XMAS tree ornament).
Cisco Kid Western with Cisco & his sidekick Poncho.
Clock Suspense shows, which tell of races against time.
Clyde Beatty Stories based on incidents in the career of Clyde Beatty & the Clyde Beatty Circus.
Columbia Workshop Interesting and unusual stories with good cast.
Command Performance Variety show for our armed forces, with many Hollywood stars. Broadcast mainly during the war.
Counterspy David Harding investigates and combats enemies of the USA.
Creaking Door Mystery show produced and aired in South African.
Crime Does Not Pay Stories about crime.
Crime On the Waterfront Pilot show, which takes place in New York City and stars Lt. Lou Kagle played by Mike Wallace.
Damon Runyon Theatre Sentimental stories told through the eyes of a person called Broadway.
Dangerous Assignment Steve Mitchell (Brian Donlevy) is sent all over the world to solve problems of foreign espionage.
Date With Judy Family comedy with Judy & her boy friend Oogie.
Destination Fire Stories about fires in England (on BBC).
Dick Tracy 15 minute show based on the comic strip, with Dick's sidekick Pat Patton & adopted son Junior.
Dimension X Science fiction stories written by top notch writers. Show preceded `X Minus One'.
Double or Nothing Quiz show. Prize money $20 to $80.
Dr. Christian Doctor series, where most of the scripts were written by the listeners. Money was given for scripts.
Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde 15 minute serial from the BBC. Based on the Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde story.
Dr. Kildare Doctor series based on the movies starring Lionel Barrymore and Lou Ayres.
Dr. Six Gun Guntoting frontier doctor who roams the Indian Territory.
Dragnet Police show which takes place in LA and stars Jack Webb as Sergeant Friday.
Duffy's Tavern Comedy with Ed Gardner as Archie the manager of Duffy's Tavern. Shirley Booth plays Miss Duffy.
Eddie Canter Show Variety show starring Eddie Canter.
Edgar Bergen Hour Variety show starring Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy.
Eileen Farrell 15 minute soap.
Ellery Queen Detective show where a guest celebrity tries to guess the solution to the mystery before Ellery gives it.
Escape Drama - similar to Suspense. Often takes place in another country.
Ethel & Albert Comedy show with husband, wife and daughter Susy. Stories by Peg Lynch who also plays Ethel.
Falcon Detective show starring James Meighan as Michael Waring (the Falcon).
Family Theater Dramas. Show was produced by Father Patrick Peyton and featured well known actors and actresses.
Fat Man - Australian version Detective show produced in Australia using the American Fat Man scripts.
Fat Man Detective show starring J. Scott Smart as Brad Runyon (the fat man).
FBI In Peace & War FBI show based on Frederick L. Collins book `The FBI In Peace and War'.
Fibber McGee & Molly Family comedy show starring Marion & Jim Jordan.
First Nighter Drama, with Olan Soule & Barbara Luddy.
Flash Gordon Early 15 minute science fiction adventure serial (1935).
Ford Theater Drama, with various famous actors & actresses.
Fort Laramie Stories of the cavalry, starring Raymond Burr and Harry Bartell.
Frank Race Detective Detective story starring Tom Collins.
Frank Sinatra Show Songs by Frank and guests.
Fred Allen Looks At Life Excerpts from the Fred Allen show narrated by Henry Morgan. Taken from a record.
Fred Allen Show Fred with wife Portland Hoffa, and his Allen's Alley; Senator Claghorn, Mrs. Nussbaum & Titus Moody.
Freddie Martin Music and songs by the Freddie Martin band (15 minute show).
Front Page Farrell 15 minute soap.
Frontier Gentlemen Western starring John Dehner as J. B. Kendall.
Gabrial Heater News broadcast.
Gangbusters "the only national program that brings you authentic police case histories".
Garry Moore's Culture Corner Excerpts from the Garry Moore show.
Gasoline Alley 15 minute show with stories based on the comic strip. Stars Mason Adams as Wilmer.
Gene Autry's Melody Ranch Songs by Gene, along with a short story.
Glen Miller During WWII, Glen Miller appears on shows `I Sustain the Wings' & `German Wehrmacht Hour'.
Goldbergs 15 minute soap. Story about a poor Jewish family in New York City. Show on both radio and TV.
Grand Central Station Drama. Stories take place in New York City.
Grand Marquee Boy meets girl situation comedy, with Jim Ameche, Beryl Vaughn and Olan Soule.
Grand Ole Opry Grand Ole Opry from late 40's, early 50's. Half hour segments of the show.
Great Gildersleeve Family comedy show, with Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve, Leroy, Margorie, Judge Hooker & Peavey.
Green Hornet Mystery adventure, with Britt Reid publisher of the `Daily Sentinel' who becomes the Green Hornet.
Gunsmoke Western starring William Conrad as Marshall Dillon. Excellent sound effects! (also on TV).
Guy Lombardo Guy Lombardo and his orchestra, broadcast from the 1964 World's Fair.
Hall Of Fantasy Stories of the supernatural.
Hallmark Playhouse Drama sponsored by Hallmark greeting cards.
Halls Of Ivy Stories about the president of a small college who is played by Ronald Coleman with wife Benita.
Hap Hazard Hap Hazard is a harried proprietor of a ramshackle hotel in the Stop and Flop chain.
Hardy Family Family comedy starring Mickey Rooney as young Andy Hardy.
Harry Lime, The Third Man Harry Lime is an adventurer who was a little on the shady side. Harry is played by Orson Wells.
Have Gun Will Travel Western with John Dehner as Paladin. One of the few shows that was on TV before radio.
Helen Hayes Theater Drama, hosted by Helen Hayes who usually plays a part in the story.
Henry Morgan Show Skits & parodies attacking institutions & conventions of all kinds from radio execs to weather reporters.
Hercule Poirot Agatha Christie's adventures of a French detective.
Here's To Vets WWII show with Fibber McGee & Molly.
Hermit's Cave As the hermit would say: `Ghost stories, weird stories and murders too'.
Hidden Truth (South African) Authentic case histories from the file of L. Keeler who pioneered the use of lie detector in criminology.
Honest Harold Family comedy, starring Harold Peary. Show similar to the Great Gldersleeve.
Hop Harrigan Adventure serial. Story about a WWII pilot.
Hopalong Cassidy Western, starring William Boyd. Also in movies and television.
I Fly Anything Adventure series about a free-wheeling cargo pilot named Dockery Crane played by Dick Haymes.
I Love Adventure Complete half hour adventure with Jack Doc & Reggie. Show is similar to I Love A Mystery.
I Love a Mystery 15 minute adventure serial, with Jack, Doc & Reggie.
I Was a Communist For The FBI Matt Cvetic, played by Dana Andrews, infiltrated the top levels of the Communist Party, reported back to FBI.
Information Please Panel Quiz show. Panelists answer rather difficult & specialized questions sent in by listeners.
Inner Sanctum Spooky mystery show, which starts with the sound of a squeaking door & introduced by weird announcer.
It Pays To Be Ignorant Silly comedy panel show, with George Shelton, Lulu McConnell, Harry McNaughton with quizmaster Tom Howard.
It's Joan Davis Time Variety/Comedy show starring Joan Davis, with guests. My only copy has Rudy Vallee as Joan's guest.
Jack Armstrong 15 min adventure serial with Uncle Jim & his cousins, Betty, Billy and Jack Armstrong traveling the world.
Jack Benny Show With Don Wilson, Rochester, Dennis Day, Mary Livingston and the many voices of Mel Blanc.
Jack Webb Show Early Jack Webb show, which is sort of a comedy show.
Jean Shepard Story teller who was originally heard on WOR 25 yrs ago. Wrote and narrated the movie `A XMAS Story'.
Jeff Regan, Investigator Mystery/Adventure show starring Jack Webb.
Jimmy Durante Show Comedy show, where Jimmy would sign off his show with `Good night Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are'.
Johnny Madero Detective show starring Jack Webb. Story takes place along a San Francisco waterfront.
Joy Boys Comedy show, similar to Bob & Ray, with Willard Scott and Ed Walker.
Judy Canova Show Comedy show starring the `queen of the hillbillies' Judy Canova. Judy also sings on the show.
Jungle Jim 15 min adventure show which was broadcast in the mid 30's. Stories were also depicted in weekly comics.
Just Plain Bill 15 minute soap about a barber in the small town of Hartville.
Kate Smith Show Variety show, with songs by Kate Smith (the song bird of the South). Show is hosted by Ted Collins.
Kay Kyser's Kollege Music interspersed with quiz segments. Quizmaster - Kay Kyser, with Ish Kabibble, Ginny Simms, King Sisters.
King Kong Story of King Kong based on movie. This was not a radio show, and stars Ralph Bell.
Kings Jesters 15 minute music show from 1947, with songs by the Kings Jesters. Show originated from Chicago.
Kraft Music Hall Variety show, starring Bing Crosby and guests.
Land's Best Bands Two PSA's: one with Spike Jones & his band, the other is Elliot Lawrence & his band.
Let George Do It Detective show, starring Bob Bailey.
Let's Pretend Kid's show about fairy tales. Cast consisted of young people who were known as the `Let's Pretenders'.
Life Of Riley Family comedy, starring Bill Bendix as Riley, wife Peg, Junior, Babs & Digger Odell the Friendly Undertaker.
Life With Luigi Situation comedy about an Italian immigrant who writes his mother about his experiences in America.
Lights Out Strange stories, bordering on the supernatural. Show was also on TV.
Line Up Police show, which includes a police line up. Show was also on TV.
Linit Bath Club Revue Two early variety show starring Fred Allen. (1932 & 1933)
Little Orphan Annie 15 minute kid's show with Annie and her friends. Sponsored by Ovaltine and had a number of premiums.
Lone Ranger Popular long running western with the Lone Ranger and his sidekick Tonto. Series also on TV.
Littlest Angle XMAS story told by Loretta Young (from record). Was originally broadcast on `Manhattan At Midnight'.
Lum & Abner Folksy show with Lum & Abner. Show centered in the 'Jot 'Em Down store' in `Pine Ridge, Arkansas'.
Luncheon With Lopez Music with Vincent Lopez & his orchestra with songs by Bruce Hayes & Jerry Larson. Broadcast from NY City.
Lux Radio Theatre 1 hr radio re-enactment of Broadway plays & movies, generally with the original supporting cast.
Ma Perkins 15 minute soap. Story takes place in `Rushville Center' where Ma Perkins operates a lumberyard.
Magic Key 15 minute music show with Ray Noble & his orchestra, with songs by Al Bowlly. (1936)
Mail Call WWII variety show, with Bob Hope, Loretta Young & Fred MacMurry.
Man Behind The Gun WWII show with stories `Dedicated to the fighting men of the United States and the United Nations'.
Mark Trail Adventure based on the comic strip. Mark is a conservationist who fought the enemies of the wilderness.
Mayor Of The Town Story about the mayor (Lionel Barrymore), his house keeper Marilly (Agnes Moorehead) & his ward Butch.
Meet The Meeks Family comedy. Stories revolved around the attempts of Mortimer and the family to cope with wife's tirades.
Meet The Misses Audience participation show, with women selected from the audience.
Mel Blanc Show Mel, who ran a fix-it shop, used his natural voice. One of his characters, Bookie, sounds like Porgy Pig.
Michael Piper, Private Detect. Detective show which takes place in NY City. Last episode of series.
Michael Shane, Detective Detective show starring Jeff Chandler as Michael Shane, `The reckless red-headed Irishman'.
Mole Mystery Theater Mystery/detective show, with such famous writers as Edgar Allen Poe & Raymond Chandler. Excellent actors.
Morning Melodies 15 min Chicago music show with singers Russ Brown, Patricia Ford, with string ensemble, piano & organ.
Movietown Theater Syndicated dramas, with good actors such as Jeff Chandler. Stations would add their own name to show.
Mr. & Mrs. North Husband & wife mystery adventure, with Pam & Jerry North (Alice Frost and Joseph Curtain).
Mr. Chameleon Adventure series starring Karl Swenson as Mr. Chameleon who was a master of disguise.
Mr Keen Tracer Of Lost Persons Mr Keen & his sidekick Mike Clancy are homicide detectives.
Mr President Show portrays different American presidents. Identity of the president is given at the end of the show.
Mr District Attorney Stories about a DA. Series is modeled after Thomas E. Dewey, NY's racket busting DA of the '30's.
Murder By Experts Detective series written by the world's leading writers of mystery fiction.
Music In The Morgan Manner 15 minute music show with Russ Morgan & his orchestra, and is broadcast from KLAV in Los Vegas.
My Favorite Husband Situation comedy starring Lucille Ball and Gale Gordon.
My Friend Irma Situation comedy. Irma is portrayed as dumb blond, played by Marie Wilson, with friend Jane (Cathy Lewis).
My Little Margie Family comedy show with Gale Storm as Margie Albright, her father Verne, and boyfriend Freddy. Also on TV.
Mysterious Traveler Adventure show, (Maurice Tarplin was the Myster. Traveler). These excellent stories were similar to Escape.
Mystery In The Air Mystery show starring Peter Lorre. Show re-enacts great crime classics, such as `The Mask of Madusa'.
Mystery Is My Hobby Detective show with Glen Langdon as Barton Drake. Show is broadcast before a live audience.
Mystery Theater, CBS Mystery, with E G Marshall as host (mid '70's). One of the last attempts to revitalize radio drama.
NBC 40th Anniversary Special radio show celebrating NBC's 40th anniversary. (1966)
NBC Short Story Classic short stories, such as `Frankenstein' & ` Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde'. Acting was not great.
NBC Theater Dramas.....acting not too bad.
Nick Carter Detective show starring Lon Clark as Nick Carter.
Nightbeat Randy Stone, played by Frank Lovejoy, is a night reporter for the Chicago Star. Ends with `Copy Boy'.
Official Detective Detective show, with Craig McDonald as Detective Lieutenant Dan Britt. In cooperation with Official Detective Magazine
On Safari (South Africa) Hunting adventure stories which take place in South Africa.
One Man's Family 15 minute soap centered around the Barbour family.
Our Gal Sunday Long running 15 minute soap. It is a story about an orphan girl named Sunday.
Our Miss Brooks Situation comedy, with Eve Arden as Connie Brooks. With support from G. Gordon, J. Chandler, R. Crenna.
Ozzie & Harriet Family comedy, with Ozzie, Harriet, Dave and Ricky. Show was also on TV.
Pat Novak For Hire Adventure on the waterfront in San Francisco, with Jack Webb as Pat Novak.
Paul Whiteman Variety show with Paul Whiteman and his orchestra along with guests such as Diana Shore.
Pepper Young's Family 15 minute soap centered around the Young family who lived in the mythical town of Elmwood.
Pete Kelly's Blues (Jack Webb) Story takes place in a Kansas City speakeasy in the '20s. Pete heads a small jazz band at the club.
Phil Harris & Alice Faye Situation comedy, with Phil and his band, wife Alice Faye and band member Remley (Elliot Lewis) & Julius.
Philco Radio Time Christmas Bing Crosby show, with John Scott Trotter and his orchestra. (1948)
Philip Marlowe Detective show, starring Gerald Moore. The series was created by Raymond Chandler.
Philip Morris Playhouse Drama, sponsored by Philip Morris (Call for Philip MORRRIIISSS). Theme music is `On The Trail', from the Grand Grand Canyon Suite.
Philo Vance Detective show, starring Jackson Beck as Philo Vance.
Public Defender Stories about Roger Kilgore - public defender. Roger Kilgore was played by Santos Ortega.
Quiet Please Stories in terror. Series created by Willis Cooper who also created Lights Out. Narrated by Ernest Chappell.
Railroad Hour Musical show starring Gordon MacRae. Stories & music with popular opera singers.
Red Rider Western based on the comic strip. With his sidekick Buckskin, and his Indian friend Little Beaver.
Red Skelton Show Comedy with Red & his many characters: Junior, Willy Lump-Lump & Clem Kadiddlehopper.
Richard Diamond Detective show, starring Dick Powell, with his girl friend Helen played by Virginia Gregg.
Rocky Fortune Detective show, starring Frank Sinatra. The show was on for 1 year. (1953)
Romance Light, comic romance stories. Popular actors/actresses, such as John Dehner, Virginia Gregg & Harry Bartell.
Roy Rogers Show Songs by Roy and his wife Dale Evans. The show generally includes a short story.
Rudy Vallee Show A well done variety show. Spin off's - `Aldrich Family' and `We, The People'.
Saint Adventure show starring Vincent Price, or Tom Conway. The series later went to TV.
Sam Spade Detective show starring Howard Duff with Lorene Tuttle as Sam's secretary Effy. (Show - San Francisco).
Sammy Kaye's Sunday Serenade Music show with Sammy Kaye and his orchestra. Songs by Billy Williams, Nancy Norman & The 5 Kaydettes.
Screen Director's Playhouse Drama. With many good performers.
Screen Guild Theatre Drama. With many good performers.
Sergeant Preston Adventure show that takes place in the Yukon Territory of Canada, with Sergeant Preston and his dog King.
Shadow Popular mystery show, with Lamont Cranston as the shadow and his friend the lovely Margo Lane.
Sherlock Holmes Detective show based on the stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It stars Basil Rathbone & Nigel Bruce.
Six Shooter Folksy western starring Jimmy Stewart as Britt Ponset. It's an easy going show with a little humor.
Sky King `America's favorite flying cowboy', with Sky, Penny and Clipper. Show was also on TV.
Smile Time Comedy show starring Steve Allen. This was one of Steve's early radio shows. (1947)
Smilin' Ed's Buster Brown Show Children's show, with Ed McConnell as host, Squeeky the Mouse, Froggy the Gremlin & Midnight the Cat.
Smiths Of Hollywood Family comedy show starring Harry Von Zell and Arthur Teacher.
Sounds Of Darkness Show about the adventures of a blind detective. (South African)
Space Patrol Space show with commander-in-chief Buzz Corey, played by Ed Kemmer who played the part on both radio & TV.
Speed Gibson Adventure serial with Clint Barlow of the International Secret Police & his young sidekick Speed Gibson.
Spike Jones Silly music with Spike Jones & his City Slickers (with cow bells, foghorns & kitchen utensils).
Stan Freberg Comedy routines by Stan Freberg with such stories as `XMAS Dragnet'.
Stars In The Air Drama. Only episode: based on the movie `House on 92nd Street' starring Humphry Bogart.
Stars Over Hollywood Saturday morning light comedies & giddy romances stories, with an occasional mystery drama. (on for 13yr)
Steve Allen Show 1 hour variety show starring Steve Allen (1949). Series came after his Smile Time show.
Story Behind The Song Background story behind various songs such as `My Old Kentucky home' & `Star Spangled Banner'.
Straight Arrow Western show. `When trouble strikes, rancher Steve Adams becomes Indian Straight Arrow'.
Strange Dr. Weird 15 minute chiller stories introduced by Dr. Weird, who lives near a cemetery.
Strange Romance Of Evelyn Winters 15 minute soap. Gary Bennett suddenly & unexpectedly finds himself the guardian of Evelyn Winters.
Superman Clark Kent, played by Bud Collier, becomes the man of steel who fights crime all over the world.
Suspense Popular show with well-written stories & excellent cast. (Sorry Wrong Number, starring Agnes Moorehead)
Take It Or Leave It Quiz show. Prizes went from 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and finally $64. Contestants can stop at any time.
Tales Of The Texas Ranger True stories of the Texas Rangers, starring Joel McCrea as Ranger Jase Pearson.
Tarzan Story about a white man living in the jungle with the natives and animals.
Taystee Loafers Vocal duets of comic songs & sentimental ballads by Billy Jones & Ernie Hare.1934 (they started in 1921)
Tena & Tim 15 minute soap. Show revolves around Tena, a Swedish maid who works in the Hutchinsons household.
Tenessee Jed 15 min western adventure. `There he goes, Tennessee! Get him! (gun shot & ricochet) Got him Deaaad Center'.
Terry & The Pirates Routs evildoers in the Orient. (comics) Stars Terry Lee, Pat Ryan, Flip Coercion, Burma & girl flyer Elate.
Texaco Town Variety show, starring Eddie Cantor. (1936) Preceded `The Texaco Star Theater' which started in 1938.
The Magic Key 15 minute music show with Ray Noble and his orchestra, with songs by Al Bowl.
Theater Five 15 minute complete science fiction show. '62 - '65 Fred Foy was the announcer. Not as good as X-1.
Thin Man Detective show. The thin man character was created by Dashiell Hamlet (wrote the Fat Man & Sam Spade).
This Is Your FBI FBI show with agent Jim Taylor, played by Stacy Harris. Stories are based on actual FBI case stories.
Tom Cornet, Space Cadet 2 day a week, complete space story with Jackson Beck as the announcer. Show was also on TV.
Tom Mix Straight Shooters 15 minute western serial, starring Curly Bradley. Tom Mix would sing great Ralston commercials.
Treasury Bandstand 15 minute music show with Art Tassel & his Kisses in the Air, and Chuck Foster & his Orchestra.
True Detective Detective show, based on stories from True Detective Mysteries magazine. 1937
True Detective Mystery Detective show, based on stories from True Detective Mysteries magazine. 1950 & 1958
Truth Or Consequences Quiz show, with Ralph Edward's as the MC. Show was also on TV.
Twenty First Precinct Police stories. Takes place in NYC. Show started with a ringing phone and `Twenty First Precinct'.
Twenty Questions Quiz show, where panelist had 20 tries to identify a word or phrase. (Animal, vegetable or mineral)
Uncle Don Popular children show which appealed to pre-school children, with stories and songs.
Unexpected 15 min terror show. Complete story in 1 episode. (Barry Sullivan, Lorene Tuttle & Virginia Gregg)
Vic & Sade 15 minute comedy serial. (Vic, Sade, Rush & uncle Fletcher).
Voice of Firestone Top musical prestige show. (both radio & TV).
Voyage Of The Scarlet Queen Adventure show, starring Elliot Lewis as Philip Carney skipper of the Scarlet Queen.
Walter Winchell December 7, 1941 newscast.
War Of The Worlds H G Wells story was aired on the `Mercury Theater' on Oct 31, 1938. The story stars Orson Wells.
Warner Brothers Academy Theater Dramatizations of Warner Brother movies with many plugs for the movie.
When A Girl Marries 15 minute soap `dedicated to everyone who has ever been in love'.
Whisperer Crime show where the whisperer is undercover in the syndicate. In reality he is good guy Philip Gault.
Whistler Excellent mystery stories with unusual endings.
Wild Bill Hickock Western starring Guy Madison and Andy Devine. Show was also on TV.
Witch's Tale Blood chilling stories told by Old Nancy.
Women's Prison Pilot show. Stories of women from the Women's House of Detention New York City.
Woodbury Journal Gossip, with Louella Parsons.
X Minus One Science fiction shows. Excellent stories with good actors. Has great beginning and ending music.
You Are There Re-enactments of famous events in history.
You Bet Your Life Quiz show starring Groucho Marx. Show was on both radio and TV.
Young Widder Brown 15 minute soap revolving around the romance of Ellen Brown and Dr. Anthony.
Your Hit Parade Frank Sanatra and other singers singing top hits of the day. (mid to late '40's). Also on TV.
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar Stories about insurance investigator Johnny Dollar. Show started with a ringing phone & `Johnny Dollar'.
Zero Hour 1972 mystery show. 1 story in 5 days. Announcer Rod Serling, with Howard Duff, Richard Crenna, George Kennedy & Patty Duke.

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